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Clubbell grip strength training FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions related to Coach Sonnon's Clubbell training techniques.

Coach Sonnon's unique training and research evolved a tool crafted for the purpose of Specific Physical Preparedness, which Girevik Magazine named "the Holy Grail of athletic preparation." Coach Sonnon created a device simple and easy enough for novices and challenging enough for elite. After many years and several generations of research & development, Coach Sonnon finalized a design. In 2002, he released the flagship of the Circular Strength revolution - patent pending Clubbells™.

Scott Sonnon became a multiple time USA National Coach and International Champion of SAMBO: combat sport, martial art and physical conditioning system developed in the former Soviet Union for Special Military and Special Purpose Police Units. For his contributions to furthering the discipline, his faithful representation of his country - USA, and for his competitive and coaching achievements, Coach Sonnon earned the most esteemed recognition in physical culture - Distinguished Masters of Sport. 

Coach Sonnon's newest book is CLUBBELL TRAINING FOR CIRCULAR  STRENGTH for Fitness, Flexibility, Combat Sports, wrestling, strength and  conditioning, team sports, gymnastics, martial arts, jujitsu and health.

Circular Strength Training uses full-range, multiple-joint movements as a core exercise program. In execution it augments acceleration, agility, coordination, speed, extreme range strength, dynamic flexibility, deceleration, and mental toughness. Not only do such exercises have tremendous carry over value to all sports, they also afford an athlete of any age (male or female) the opportunity to attain their genetic potential. 



Here are some of the benefits of Circular Strength Training with Clubbells:

  • Lower and upper arm synergy, stabilization and coordination!
  • World-class grip strength!
  • Extreme Range of Motion Strength!
  • Increased tendon and ligament strength!
  • Explosive speed-strength to blazing hand speed!
  • Upper body joint flexibility & freedom of movement!
  • Muscular Endurance for going the last mile with ease!
  • Combative Agility to out-maneuver your adversaries!
  • Static Strength to hold position and resistance for extreme durations!
  • Yielding Strength to withstand the toughest advance!
  • Overcoming Strength to rapidly recover from danger!
  • Truck-stopping core strength to protect your lower back!
  • Functional fitness helping your everyday activities!
  • Dynamic relaxation to unwind from a hectic day's work!

General Questions

Combining Clubbells with Other Workouts

Clubbell Workout Experiences



  • WRESTLING: Increase clinch dominance, strengthen wrist control, and increase static strength for sprawls, jams and shucks.
  • BOXING: Enhance wrist stability in striking, increase early power generation and arm endurance.
  • MARTIAL ARTS: Strengthen strikes, clinch work, and application of holds as well as prevent loss by submission.
  • POWER-LIFTING: Add poundage to your max lifts from increased bar grip and forearm strength.  Prevent deviation through increased stabilization and synergy.
  • ICE & FIELD HOCKEY: Strengthen stick stability and agility. Achieve stronger, accurate shots, and prevent shoulder injury.
  • RUGBY & FOOTBALL: Increase ball handling, blocking and tackling skills which rely on coordinated arm force generation.
  • GOLF: Strengthen fingers to remove handedness bias, and wrist snap to increase distance, accuracy and consistency.
  • RACQUETBALL & TENNIS: Improve racket control & strengthen wrist action for all strokes.
  • ROCK CLIMBING & RAPPELLING: Develop & maintain hand, wrist & forearm strength and endurance.
  • BASEBALL: Develop stronger grip & wrist snap for increased accuracy and velocity in ball throwing; increase bat control and swing speed and power.
  • MOTOCROSS & BMX: Diminish arm-pump to enhance bar control and endurance.
  • BASKETBALL: Shoot, dribble & pass with a higher level of consistency & accuracy.
  • As well as other sports such as swimming, kayaking, gymnastics, bowling, javelin-throwing, volleyball, power-lifting, Olympic lifting, shot-put, fencing, windsurfing, water skiing, bodybuilding, jet skiing, or any sport using the arms.



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